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Difficulties In Evaluation Advertising Effectiveness

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Mar 22nd, 2012
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Difficulties in Evaluation Advertising effectiveness

There are many difficulties and hindrances in the evaluation of advertisement effectiveness. The main difficulties are as following

1) Advertising is not the only f actor affecting sales:

Most of the methods used for evaluation effectiveness of advertisement assume that advertisement is the only factor affecting sales. But there are many other factors which may be responsible for increase in sales viz. change in price, improvement in product features, placement, sales-promotion schemes etc. So assuming that, increase in sale is the result of advertisement only, is wrong.

2) Effect of past advertisement: -

Methods of evaluation advertisement effectiveness assumes that response of customers in test-area is the outcome of advertisement done in test period but actually, the response of customers may be because of past advertisement. For e.g. if a person had seen an advertisement long ago but at that time either because of financial constraints or because of no need, he didnt buy that product. But it is possible that he is carrying deep favorable impressions of that past advertisement till now. If at present he is financial sound or need is relished then he has purchased that product. So in this case, sale has occurred on account on past advertisement and not present advertisement.

3) Difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of goodwill Advertisement-

Goodwill ads are issued to improve the image of the organization in the long run. The purpose of these ads is to improve the image of the organization by meeting some responsibilities like growing more trees, ads for eye donation save environment etc. Effect of these advertisements on sale, image or goodwill cant be measured.

4) Ad-effectiveness using a communication Objective is not sufficient in Itself:

Some advertisement may achieve communication objectives, but may not promote sales. Some advertisement may be vary attractive, well remembered, entertaining and liked buy many viewers/ audience, but still it may be ineffective in generating additional sales, These advertisement may be well recalled because of attractive modals, easy to remembered phrases, homeruns appeal etc. But viewers still may not be buying the product; because they have no liking that product. For e.g. Advertisement of bagpiper with sunny deol as model is remembered by many viewers because its model is attractive. But still all such viewers dont buy bagpiper products. So measuring ad-effectiveness only on the bases on the bases of communication objectives is not sufficient in itself.

5) Subjective method for measuring advertising Effectiveness: -

There are various methods given by different experts for measuring ad-effectiveness. But most of the methods are subjective in nature, as they dont give any universal criterion for measuring ad-effectiveness. There are various criterions like increase in sale, attention gaiting ability easy to remember, entertaining, humorous, persuasive etc. For measuring accepted criterion. It is possible that an advertisement is effective on one criterion but effective on the basis of other criterion.

6) Not suggestive in nature :-

Most of the methods of evaluating effectiveness of advertisement classify the ad as effective or ineffective but these methods dont suggest what extra points should be added, what modification be made to making the advertisement more effective.

7) Difficult to Evaluate % response:

For evaluating effectiveness, some response is desired from the customers. But because total numbers of readers/ viewers of media is not exactly know, so % of response generated because of advertisement cant be generated because of advertisement cant be measured. If ad is given only through mail then this % can be calculated easily, as total number of persons who are contacted through mail are known, but if ad is given by any other source like T.V., radio, magazine then the % of viewers cant be precisely obtained,

as total number of reader/ viewer is unknown to us.

8) Difficulties of sampling methods: -

Almost all methods of evaluating advertising effectiveness are based on sampling. Some respondents and market area are selected for measuring effectiveness. It may involve following difficulties:-

a) Selected Sample Units may not be representative of whole group or area.

b) Simple Size may be very small in comparison to total no of actual-buyer.

c) The area selected as control area or test area may differ in terms of economic or demographic features.

d) Selection of Simple Unit may be biased.

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