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Features Of Microsoft Word

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May 15th, 2012
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Microsoft Word 2007 is the most powerful and useful word processing tool. The salient features of Microsoft Word are as follows

1. It helps us to maintain our documents in presentable formats.

2. It provides us a wide range of fonts and formats for characters, paragraphs, borders and lines etc.

3. User can make their custom format styles instead of using the built-in styles.

4. It provides us the track of all the activities, which we perform here. This option helps the user to cancel or repeat any specific action performed.

5. Microsoft Word provides us Spelling and Grammar option in order to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes in any document.

6. User can arrange the data in tabular or sequential form by using the Table option.

7. It is highly compatible with all other office application software.

8. It facilitates the user to import and export the information to and from the Internet.

9. User can avil the facility of adding pictures and other graphical images to enhance the outlook of any document.

10. User can work on more than one document simultaneously.

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