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How To Apply Glue In Hair Extensions

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Nov 30th, 2012
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Hair extensions are creating a new wave of interest now, and with the most popular Hollywood stars sporting them, they just can't go unnoticed. Hair extensions serve the purpose of giving you long hair instantly, and give you the luxury of having back your short hair the next day. They further serve to make thin hair appear voluminous. Among hair extensions for sale the various hair extension techniques , gluing in hair extensions is one of them. Though it is a slightly time-consuming procedure, when done right, it is one of the most reliable procedures of securing hair extensions. Here we explain how to glue in hair extensions for short hair as well as medium length hair, and the pros and cons of this procedure. How to Glue In Hair Extensions: Instructions Before learning about how to glue hair extensions , you must be warned that attempting this process on your own may not always produce the best results. It may result in uneven hair length, or you may just not be able to follow the procedure in the right manner. It is ideal to get this process done by a the task, or the whole process of how to apply glue hair extensions could get a little messy. professional. However, if you still think you can do it, here are the instructions on applying hair extensions with glue.

1. Start with the usual shampoo and condition routine. Make sure you wash thoroughly in order to remove any traces of the shampoo and conditioning products.

2. Use a hair dryer and blow dry your hair. After it has dried completely, straighten your hair with a flat iron.

3. Starting at the back of your head you will need to part a section that is about 2 in thick. We will focus on that part and tie up the rest of the hair.

hair extensions

4. Take the hair track that you have, and measure the amount you require for your hair. Cut out the necessary portion.

5. The track of hair you just cut has an edge to it. Find the edge and you will apply the bond glue to it. Make sure not to apply too much, just enough to accomplish

6. Using your thumb and index finger, pick up the hair track, with the glued portion facing the other direction.

7. Take the hair track to the parted area, and slowly start applying the extensions to your hair. Keep pressing the track along as you best clip in hair extensions apply the extensions. Ensure that the track is placed on your scalp and not your hair. You will be able to feel the cool glue on your scalp as you apply it.

8. Now that the hair track is in the right place, hold it down for 30 seconds so that the glue in hair extensions have enough time to let the glue set and be able to hold the weight of the glue in hair extensions.

9. 1 Use your hair dryer to dry the glue, for about thirty seconds. Follow it up with the use of the hair straightener, to straighten the hair extensions you have hair extensions just added. 10. You will need to continue the process by parting other sections of your hair in approximately 2 in sections and repeating the above instructions until you have the desired look you always wanted. 11. Once you have finished, comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb, so that your hair looks natural.

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