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Time Departmentation

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Apr 2nd, 2012
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Some organizations group certain activities by time. in organizations, where the work is performed round the clock i.e. 24 hours a day, shifts from the basis for departmentation. Thus activities are divisionalized on the basis of time. For example, one of the machine shops, operated on three shifts. Each shift has a superintendent who reports to the plant manager, and each shift has its own functional departments. Some organizations that use time as a basis for grouping jobs include some hospitals many airlines, railways etc.

Time Departmentation

Advantages of Time Departmentation:
The Time departmentation form has advantages as well as advantages.

1. Continuity of work with out any disturbance is obtained.

2. Goals of production can ha achieved very economically.

3. Large number of workers uses machinery and equipment for long time by which employment increased along with production.

Disadvantages of Time Departmentation:
The Time departmentation form has disadvantages as well as advantages.

1. Wage rates of last shift labor are higher which causes high cost of production.

2. Shifts coordination is difficult.

3. Supervision of night shift is difficult. 

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