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Tips On How To Stay In A Good Mood

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Jul 6th, 2011
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Everyone feels depressed sometimes; it's a part of life, especially when too many irritations or inconveniences happen all at once. Feel like your energy levels are stop and go? Or feeling depressed for no particular reason? More to the point, can your mood heal what ails you, or keep you from ailing in the first place? Next time you’re down or even just in a less than spectacular mood, here are a few quick mood fixers to get you going in a better mode.

Good mood diet
Food is vital for your brain to function properly and to keep me in a good mood. Make some of these changes to the way you eat and you can see some positive changes in your mood! Here's a good mood smoothie that tastes creamy, nutty and sweet. Begin the day with a meal that includes protein and a little fat, both of which delay the absorption of sugar into the blood and take longer to digest. Small healthy snacks throughout the day keep your body satisfied. Eat less white rice, pasta, bread, sugar and potatoes. Incorporate grains, vegetables, nuts and seeds in your diet.

The number one tip experts give for changing your mood is to exercise. Choose something you enjoy doing, yoga, walking, rollerblading, or a dance video workout. Long-term, unalleviated stress takes a heavy toll on the immune system, and makes healing more difficult.
Put the headphones on, start the song and close your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose. Let your brain empty and think nothing hard, make your thoughts flow freely.

Do something you enjoy, like reading novels, listening to music, or even sleeping. Spend your money on experiences. Sign up for a painting class; go to the museum, or a concert. Experiences create wonderful memories.

Go out to the nature, and fully enjoy it. Sitting outside for five minutes a day is enough to feel good and change your mood. Or keep a "Happy Moments" journal where you record your best memories, successes, achievements, and the moments you felt great.

Solve your past problem. If you have something hanging unsolved, take action and push away your guilty. This will make you feel accomplished.

Talk to people whom you are close to. Tell them your troubles and how things going on, that will be fairly amazing and you will feel much better.

Don’t be too stingy of love. Love all the people and thing around you, you will find that everything tends to be lovely.

Set a goal and work hard for it. Since life cannot be lack of pushing force. How happy and fulfilled you'll be when you complete them.

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