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Oct 8th, 2012
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The Sahara Samay Uttar Pradesh news channel was released on the Twenty Eighth of March, 2003. It was the first effort by any 24x7 Information channel to serve a local viewership in the nation as a Hindi news format. It did not take long for the channel to make a unique industry with regards to viewership in the two declares of Uttar Pradesh Uttaranchal. The channels durability has been to offer in-depth local material, with the newest of technology. All the latest Agra news is also covered by the channel.

With a huge system of correspondents and 9 Agencies in Allahabad, Meerut, Hardly, Lucknow, Kanpur, Dehradun, Agra, Gorakhpur and Varanasi, propagate across the two declares, the channel has been at the leading edge of news governmental and socioeconomic, originating from the two declares. The channel has taken a cause in increasing people-oriented problems. This has in designing a powerful connection between the channel and its potential viewers, creating for some obsessive watching for a huge, critical viewers across both declares.

The Sahara Samay UP/Uttaranchal channel also provides entry to several promoters and press organizers, who want to connect their goods and solutions to some of the greatest attentive viewers within the huge industry of Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal. Actually, some of the greatest manufacturers in the nation are already associated with the channel. The nationwide Hindi news channel Samay, made up of 36 town specific local news programs. Some of them are Sahara One- A Common entertainment channel, Filmy- A Hindi film channel and Firangi- A entertainment channel. Sahara Samay got the "Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award " in 2008 for its newsroom technological innovation.

The Amar Ujala is one among Agras well known newspapers that provides nationwide news all over India, as well as covering the Agra news in the Hindi news version. Amar Ujala online media are highly reliable and it is one of the most highly experienced online newspaper that enables you to read about different forms of Indian news. It also covers Uttar Pradesh news in detail. Amar Ujalas slogan, josh such ka (passion of truth) can be well recognized in its magazine eminence, which the individuals over the years have come to regard. Launched at the beginning of Native indian freedom, Amar Ujala was presented to the public with a purpose of advertising public awareness and presenting a sensation of liability among the individuals.

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