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Why Hawaii People Could Live Longer

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Aug 26th, 2013
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Hawaii's tropical island was known as paradise. For Hawaii people, they not only live longer, but also support less pressure of residents in the other place. In recent years, the survey of Gallup Consulting showed that Hawaiian was on the top in the list. What is the secret of longevity of Hawaiian? Recently, "Huffington Post" of the United States has been reported.


Unique "Hawaiian Rhythm": they love to visit and always laugh. Island-specific slow pace of life and slight pressure has good advantages for Hawaiian people health. A named Rochelle Ballard surfer in the "Huffington Post" interview said: “the so called Hawaiian style for the local people are to share the happiness with friends, often visited the family and tell an interesting story to make ourselves laugh. Even if the work is so busy, we will never change this style. "


Sunny and clean air: Hawaiian Islands have pristine beaches and tropical plants. Hawaii could enjoy plenty of sunshine and clean air from the window, which have good effect for the health.


Large exercise and low dietary salt content: University of Hawaii School of Medicine longevity expert Dr. Bradley Wilcox said: "The Hawaiian people tend to eat high quality food and physical exercise is also large." The proportions of people who participate in physical exercise are more than 60%, which was flowed by Alaska. Hawaiian diet program contains a lot of fresh fish, beans, and fruits and vegetables.


Optimist character: Optimism is Hawaiian generally has a psychological state. Optimist people can enjoy a higher quality of sleep. Harvard University researchers found that happiness can enhance immune system function and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease risk.


Exemplary health care services: Hawaii's health care services at the forefront of the nation states. The state law ruled that employers who worked over 20 hours per week, they should be supplied for medical insurance, sothe majority of people can enjoy a high level of Hawaiian health care.


Close community Relations and pay attention to family life: No matter how busy they are, Hawaiian people will prioritize time with family and friends together, and these family activities can reduce stress and enhance well-being and promote longevity.






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