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Why We Need A Quality Management System

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Jun 27th, 2011
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The quality management system is a esteemed requirement of any Organization.Before knowing what is need, effect or requirement of Quality management system we should know the proper mean of Quality management system.A Quality management system can be defined as:
"A quality management system (QMS) can be expressed as the organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management."
"A system by which an organization aims to reduce and eventually eliminate non conformance to specifications, standards, and customer expectations in the most cost effective and efficient manner."

According to Mr. Winston Churchill, 1874-1965 “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.”

A documented QMS will ensure that two most important requirements are met:

• The customers’ requirements – confidence in the ability of the organization to deliver the desired
product and service consistently meeting their needs and expectations.
• The organization's requirements – both internally and externally, and at an optimum cost with efficient
use of the available resources – materials, human, technology and information.

These requirements can only be truly met if objective evidence is provided, in the form of information and
data, to support the system activities, from the ultimate supplier to the ultimate customer.

A QMS enables an organization to achieve the goals and objectives set out in its policy and strategy. It
provides consistency and satisfaction in terms of methods, materials, equipment, etc, and interacts with all
activities of the organization, beginning with the identification of customer requirements and ending with
their satisfaction, at every transaction interface.


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