Duties Of Inspector Of Factories

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a) No person shall be appointed or continue to hold office as inspector who is or becomes interested in a factory or proc.ess or business, or patent or machinery.
b) The Provincial Government may appoint inspectors and assign them local limit.
c) The Provincial Government may also appoint chief inspector or additional inspectors.
d) Every district magistrate shall be an inspector of his district.
e) In case of an area where there is more than one inspector of provincial government may declare the powers of each.
f) Each inspector shall c assigned certain local limits with in which he shall function.

Appointment & powers of factory inspectors:
A factory inspector with in the local limits, for which he is appointed, shall have the following powers:
a) Enter any place with assistants, which are of which he believes to be, a factory.

b) Make examination of premises or plant or prescribed registers as is necessary.

c) Take evidence on the spot (or otherwise) of such persons as may be deemed necessary.

d) Enter any place capable of being declared to he a factory (i.e. employing 10 or more workers and carrying on a manufacturing process with or without use of power).

No one is required to answer any question or give any evidence tending to criminate him.

e) Exercise powers other than the above that are necessary for the performance of official duties.

An occupier of a place employing 11 persons can not refuse facilities of inspection.

The duties of an inspector are.
1. Operate with in the assigned local limits. [section 10(1)1
2. Act as subordinate to specified authority. [section 10(7)]
3. Prohibit the employment of any person. [section 33]
4. Direct the manager to prevent admission of a child who cannot be lawfully employed. [section 33M]
5. Direct that the muster roll or register maintained by a factory be treated as register of adult workers. [section 41]

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