Finding A House Maid In Abu Dhabi

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It is quite common to have a housemaid in Abu Dhabi as workers are inexpensive in the UAE. Most of the houses have an attached quarter for maids although pretty small. Many Emirati have more than one housemaid with other staff like drivers and gardeners as their houses are so big that they need helpers to maintain them. There are many maid agencies in Abu Dhabi and housemaid agencies in Dubai. You can hire a domestic helper from a reputable agency. Depending on how you see it, finding a maid in Abu Dhabi can be simple or intimidating task. There are many rules and regulations that have to be followed which are essentially labor laws for the safety of the employee. Understanding these laws and following them can be a little overwhelming. But every now and then the law is broken by everyone. This is what is specified by the law: One must sponsor a maid into the country on a work visa if you hire a full time live in maid. And she is intended to work for you only. But every now and then people do hire maids for part time work who are sponsored by others and residing and employed for them. The employers allow the maids to work for others so that they can earn more money. Everyone does this even though it is obviously against the law. The key employment rules are: It is mandatory to pay the maid a monthly salary of minimum 400 AED. If you wish, then you can obviously pay more. The State Treasury taxes on an annual basis the yearly salary of the helper. Many people show minimum amount on tax forms to avoid paying more tax. The employer has to start the formalities, has to pay the sponsorship fee, provide accommodation and give a health card and pay its fees of 600 AED per annum. Regarding accommodation, she can reside in your house or pay additionally to cover accommodation cost. The employer also has to provide airfare to her native country at least once every two years. An Employment Agreement between Domestic Workers and Sponsors has to be signed. Regarding salaries, the norm is between 1200 AED and 2000 AED depending on the employer’s requirements, the maid’s experience, efficiency and language skills. There many Dubai maid agencies and maid agencies in Abu Dhabi which help in finding a housemaid in Abu Dhabi. You can always consult one.

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