Horoscope Reading And Virgo In Indian Astrology

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Physical Appearance Virgo natives are all tall with slender bodies. Dark hair, curved and hairly eyebrows, thin and shrill voice and walk quickly. Straight nose, appear younger than their age, a pronounced forehead. Frank and honest expression of the eyes and sometimes beautiful blue eyes.
The eyes of Virgo-born ladies so very clear that you can see your reflection therein. Delicate ears, nose and lips.
Mental Tendencies Fond of learning, active mind, good mental abilities and critical. Methodical, nervous and lacking in self-confidence. Perceptive and somewhat intuitive. Keeps things orderly and thinks in a methodical way. A deep thinker. Uncomfortable in crowds but likes seclusion. Fastidious and exacting in working and romance.
Personality Male: Virgoans are ambitious for wealth. Thoughtful, conservative and industrious. Not easily contended, changeable nature. Often change their residence. They have commercial instinct, are practical, methodical and discriminative. Experts in finding faults with others. Love details of things, cautious about their own interests. Speculative nature. Fond of study of science particularly about medicine, food, diet, hygiene etc. Many ups and downs in life. They have wanderlust, peaceful domestic life. Religious and God-fearing wife. In love affairs, hardly succeed due to fault-finding nature. After marriage home bird, limited good children.
Females: In addition to the above traits, ladies are accommodating and adjustable. Saving nature. Happy married life. Sex is a mean idea with them whereas they enjoy the company of the opposite sex. Fond of study. Sincere in love. Shy, obstacles in life will not deter them. In case they find some flaws or imperfections in love or marriage, will not hesitate to break the relations, otherwise supreme in love. Delicacy in romance is their weakness. When annoyed they can be shrewd and fussy. Virgo ladies are nobody’s fools. Such ladies can be won over with grace and taste and not by physical charms as in the case of Leo ladies.
Traits to be Corrected They should not be sensitive, sarcastic and chatty. Fault-finding habit should be avoided; also should not be revengeful. They should be careful with their friends and servants not who may betray them of secrets, exploit them and may take them to court to spoil their reputation. They should avoid alcohol and drugs, instead use vegetarian diet.

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