How To Make A Detachable Wedding Dress Train

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How to Make a Detachable Wedding Dress Train
Whether you have found the perfect wedding gown and were disappointed by the fact that it didn’t have a train, or simply desire a little more drama at your wedding, add a princess-worthy train to the underskirt. You can easily make your own stunning, detachable train to achieve the effect you want. Then, you can remove the train after the ceremony, so that no one steps on its delicate fabric while you dance the night away.

Measure yourself from your gown’s waistline to the floor. This measurement will comprise part of your detachable train, as the train is secured at your waistline.

Determine the length you wish your detachable train to be. Court trains extend one to two feet from the hem of a floor-length Simple Wedding Dresses , chapel trains range from 3 to 4 1/2 feet and cathedral trains can be as long as 7 1/2 feet. When you select the style of train you want, add that measurement to the length from Step 1. This is the overall length of your train.

Measure the width of your wedding gown’s skirt from one side seam to the other. This will serve as your detachable train’s width. If you find that your material is too narrow to accommodate this measurement, sew panels onto the outside edges to add the necessary fabric. Do not sew a seam down the middle of the train, as this creates a hard line that is too obvious when placed next to an elegant gown.

Superimpose your measurements on both your outside fabric and the lining material. Fold both in half lengthwise and cut the fabric to the appropriate size. Completing both sides at once in this way will allow you to create a more symmetrical cut the first time, leaving little need for adjustment later.

Finish the edges of the train by sewing the two layers together on the inside. Keep right sides together until you finish the hem and then turn the train right-side out once more. Baste the two layers together at the sides to keep them from separating.

Sew a stiff piping onto the inside edge of the train’s hem. This keeps the train flared out, so it will not crumple or twist while you walk down the aisle.

Sew at least eight eye fasteners to the inner waist of your wedding gown and stitch their respective hooks onto the top of the train. When placing the inner eyes, make sure that you have chosen a layer where the fastenings cannot be seen. For instance, if your gown has three layers, placing the eyes on top of the first layer will keep the fasteners from being seen. However, if you have a sheer top layer and a single lining, sew the hooks onto the inside of the lining rather than the outside.

Connect the hooks and eyes together and try on your gown. If the train does not glide behind you as it should when you walk, either secure the outside edges of your creation to the side seams of the gown with a safety pin or four or five hand stitches that you can easily snip out after your ceremony ends.

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