How To Make A Golf Cart Street Legal By Yourself

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Golf carts were originally used only as a means to make leisurely games more relaxing by nixing the need to use pull carts. As the rise on the popularity of golf cart, they have become a fun and functional mode of transportation for exclusive individual and industrial use. They are extremely versatile and can be used to drive around the neighborhood and on college campuses, in gated communities, retirement homes and vacation properties or on family farms. And now if you just modify the cart, it also can be driven on roadways and designated pathways. Today these street legal golf carts also called Neighborhood Electric Vehicles have grown increasingly in popularity. The main difference between a regular golf cart and a NEV is that they usually seat four, are a little safer, and go a little faster.

If you are interested in making your golf carts street legal, there are a few accessories you will likely need. Depending on what your cart already has, you may need to buy seat belts, headlamps, turn signal lamps for the front and back, tail lights, reflectors for each side, exterior mirrors for the driver and passenger sides, park brakes, windshield with an ASI sticker, and a warning label.

First, you need a golf cart. It can be found locally, or by going online. Makes include E-Z-Go, Yamaha, Club car, Marshell, and more. You can choose between electric and gas powered golf carts, Most bought electric ones owing to lack of pollutants, lack of noise, and safety for pedestrians and other cars (due to slow speeds). Of course, you also can consider buying a used golf cart.

Then learn about the regulations concerning road legal vehicles by going to the site of Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety or the city or town hall where you live. Regulations for street legal golf carts vary from state to state, so you want to be sure you have all your facts before modifying it.

Thirdly, according to the Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety regulations, purchase the items needed to make your cart legal. These include headlamps, turn signal lamps for the front and rear, tail lamps, a red reflex reflector on each side of the cart that extends from the front to the rear, mounted exterior mirrors on driver and passenger sides, a parking brake, and windshield with sticker "ASI", seat belts.

The final step in making your cart street legal is to add the required warning label. This must be easily seen by the driver. It reads: "WARNING: This vehicle must not be operated on public roads at a speed more than 25-mph."

With these items, you successfully modify a regular golf cart to be a street legal one. Then you can drive it to roam the roads. Make a street legal golf cart just by yourself. Remember they aren't just for golfers anymore! Use them at the campground, the lake, in your retirement community, or anywhere else you want.


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